Field data collection, data analysis, development of a forecast model that allows to establish directly in the field the amount of aflatoxins contained in corn and to optimize the separation of the various batches based on the infestation degree.


Globally, the non-stop population increasing is accompanied by desertification phenomena. Cultivations in protected environments can be a solution to the need to make cultivable new plots of land in unfavorable locations. Hence the project "low environmental impact greenhouses in saline environments” with: preliminary agronomic feasibility study based on thermodynamic calculations; research of test facilities for field data measurement; contact with manufacturers of the sector; study and development of electronic climate control equipment and data recording. Installation of test greenhouses at the E. Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige (Italy).


“Advanced Genomic Certification Technology”: the project aims at the development of innovative traceability systems based on genomic analysis, which allows to have a traceability method no longer exclusively of a documental type, but also analytical, and therefore safer. The steps: The phases: study of the state of the art of traceability of the different wheat varieties through the use of SSR markers, of possible amplification techniques and preliminary proposal of PCR protocols for the amplification of a set of 9 SSR. Study of the state of the art about traceability through the use of proteomic techniques and preliminary preparation of analytical protocols on two wheat varieties.


Micro-breweries and craft brewing are increasingly important: guaranteeing the quality and origin of the malt is essential. Study of traceability methods based on genomic and proteomic analysis.


“Zero km” shopping it is more and more requested, as more and more is requested the possibility to put in contact producer and consumer. The “Small-scale retail 4.0” project, through an e-commerce service and fixed sales points, aims to meet these needs by applying the C&M tracking and quality systems.


Two experimental farms, in the province of Siena and Bergamo Italy), that will be used to obtain biological material, coming from ancient grains, to be used for the improvement of traceability systems.