Innovative software systems for the creation of HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9000 manuals for agri-food quality.

Bioluminometro AccuPoint Advanced
Bioluminometro Hygiena EnSure


Supply Chain Monitor is a open source software that allows all companies that have to comply with HACCP plans to use an innovative system and to automize all the procedures and activities required.
Supply Chain Monitor surplus value is the easy collection data process based on QR Code system: this allows no more hardcopy and archive registration and a “customer-friendly” way, that means easy, real time and free procedure.

QR Code System

Temperature control

Bacteria Monitoring

CCTV Camera



In agreement with external laboratories, hygienic-sanitary monitoring of the working environments of agro-food industries and small food producers is possible. Furthermore, for traceability on a genomic basis, we use the laboratories in agreement with Toscana Life Sciences (TLS). The creation of a microbiology laboratory owned by C&M is planned.


Trace@bility System it is a software that, through the reading of a talking label, allows consumers with smartphones and internet to access informative videos on food origins, description of companies, processing procedures and manuals used for correct hygiene practices.


Solutions for technical problems of agri-food industry. Enhancement of agricultural products and of their processing. Quality and efficiency improvement of products’ supply chain. Through its MOBILE LABORATORIES, C&M offers to all companies of agri-food supply chain, from the field to the customer, all the instruments and expertise useful for analysis in real time and on site. Analysis and test for:

  • allergens
  • pathogens
  • contaminants
  • mycotoxins

Thanks to on site and in real time analysis results, all the operators along the agri-food supply chain can use an innovative diagnostically system that allows them to ensure products’ safety and quality. Mycotoxins presence, for example, can be detected in real time and in all agri-food process’ steps: in the seeds, along their processing, the storage and transport phases or during products’ conservation period. If a potential contamination is marked, operators can immediately fix the problem and prevent that harmful substances spread on all supply chain processes.