Software systems for HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9000 addressed to agri-food sector companies, logistical operators and retailers.

Supply Chain Monitor, developed by C & M Bioscience on behalf of Conast Soc. Coop., is a open source software that allows all companies that have to comply with HACCP plans to use an innovative system and to automize all the procedures and activities required.

Supply Chain Monitor surplus value is the easy collection data process based on QR Code system: this allows no more hardcopy and archive registration and a “customer-friendly” way, that means easy, real time and free procedure.

  • Monitoring can be continuous and in real time
  • Records are automatically collected and analyzed in a computer system. The administrator can monitor all data and track all the activities
  • Monitoring system is supported by all kind of devices
  • No more hardcopy registration and archive necessary
  • No risk of mistakes or approximation
  • It supports Bioluminometer and cameras’ tools
  • Geolocation

How Supply Chain Monitor works?

QR Code System

Temperature Control

Bacteria Monitoring

CCTV Camera


Supply chain

Solutions for technical problems of agri-food industry. Enhancement of agricultural products and of their processing. Quality and efficiency improvement of products’ supply chain.

Through its MOBILE LABORATORY, C & M offers to all companies of agri-food supply chain, from the field to the customer, all the instruments and expertise useful for analysis in real time and on site.
Analysis and test for:

  • allergens
  • pathogens
  • contaminants
  • mycotoxins

Thanks to on site and in real time analysis results, all the operators along the agri-food supply chain can use an innovative diagnostically system that allows them to ensure products’ safety and quality. Mycotoxins presence, for example, can be detected in real time and in all agri-food process’ steps: in the seeds, along their processing, the storage and transport phases or during products’ conservation period. If a potential contamination is marked, operators can immediately fix the problem and prevent that harmful substances spread on all supply chain processes.


Conception and implementation of techniques and technologies for agri-food industry machineries.

SEVIO allows interconnection between several networks making communication between all connected devices easy and immediate, regardless of their location: a private network safe from prying eyes. Any element of the network can freely communicate, without worrying about the complexity of the infrastructure.


A remote control system allows direct human – machine communication without middle men who could lead to misunderstandings. This system offers direct access to network devices providing your technical office with the chance to examine the system’s state just as if it was in the adjacent room. Remote control can be achieved with a video registration function too, all with remote visibility, wherever you are.


With a remote control system it shall be less necessary moving skilled personnel around the world: the processes and assistance through an online management system, the processes and assistance will no require on-site operations.


Through a remote control system, any delays shall be reduced to the minimum and the human resources shall be used solely for remote control operations via the Internet. The system is just a click away anytime, anywhere.


The making of assistance simple and immediate allows you to reduce the risks of production stop, to sustain a greater productivity for the systems and to greatly optimize the kind of assistance to submit.


Remote control is important even during the preventive ordinary maintenance steps, since it helps a system constantly maintained in an optimal state. Through the periodical analysis of parameters it is possible to monitor the whole system and promptly intervene when needed.


Remote control offers additional services that go beyond assistance, like data analysis, production trends, system monitoring, etc., therefore it is possible to build solutions to expand your business.


The possibility to analyze the operating data of a prototype through remote control shall allow your research and development unit to obtain important information in order to optimize your production systems.